I'm Dominik

About Me

I am interested in programming, and I think that developing new things is a lot of fun. I am also always open to new technologies and techniques to develop great products and deliver amazing user experiences with nice looking user interfaces. Taking and editing pictures is something I like as well, which is why you will find the best ones on Instagram. Improvement suggestions are always welcome, so if you want to make some feel free to do so.

Programming Languages

I develop a lot of websites, which is why I know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript quite well. For some backend tricks, I also know a little bit about PHP and Jekyll because they speed up development significantly. Because I developed a couple of Android apps I know Java and Kotlin too, although I prefer using Kotlin. Arduino Boards are great for some experimenting, which is why I have some experience in C and C++ as well.

Android™ Development

Here you can see a list of apps I developed for the Android™ platform.

Always On Display Battery Tool Homework App Pods Companion Power App Smart Home App Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

Microcontroller Development

Here you can see a list of programs I developed for Microcontrollers.

Arduino Logging Library Arduino Music Box Arduino Notes Library Siemens Simatic IOT2000 Library

Web Development

Here you can see a list of websites I developed.

Hero Game Start Page Timetable Software


On Instagram, you can find some pictures I took with my smartphone. Some of them were taken with the OnePlus 3 and some with the OnePlus 6T. I like taking pictures a lot, which is why I post the best ones on Instagram.

My Username

You may be wondering what these numbers in my name mean. It is easier than you think. You can take them as pairs so that you have the following numbers: 04 15 13 09.
Now let us take a closer look at these numbers. We can take these numbers and see which is the corresponding letter in the alphabet. After that, we get the word "Domi". As you see, there is not a big secret hiding behind those numbers.